Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Etiquette for Everybody

I'm going to start a series from this charming book that my mom sent in a box of goodies. Eventually I'll start a series.

For tonight I'm going to call this "Etiquette and suggestions for people who ride any form of public transportation anywhere in the world."

Here are a few observations from the last few week:

1. Thank you for flossing. I appreciate good dental hygeine as much as the next gal - but please refrain from flossing on the train platform. Particularly if you are flossing with a thread you pulled from your sleeve.

2. If you feel compelled to wear denim blue knit culottes, please avoid painting your toenails the same shade of blue. Elderly people will ask impertinent questions like "Do you have an infection dear?" in that tone of elderly voice that cuts through an entire train station like a hot knife through butter. And you will stammer out a meek little "...no" in response, but no one will hear you over the laughter.

3. The world is united in its decision and proclamation that if you are on any form of public transport - trains, planes, buses, elevators or any line waiting for coffee, and you are on your cel phone, none of the following words may be uttered in combination with each other: gynecologist, possibly transmittable, rash, inflamed, prescription cream, public notification or smear. You are on notice that a corrective tap on the shoulder will come out to guide you back to better sense.

4. If you choose to sport a "fashion forward" outfit, please don't be surprised if small children point and ask "Mommy, why is that lady wearing army boots?"


George said...

Speaking of what to wear, and friend writes the WOMEN's DISH blog and had a very good blog post about society's reaction to female politicians' clothes.


Moda di Magno said...

George: Excellent look at women in politics in the year 2007. Having spent time with many female political figures, it saddens me that we are still talking about their clothes.

When is the last time anyone mentioned Mitt Romney's haircolor? Barak Obama's choice of tie?

Yup it's 2007 somewhere - but in the political arena, it's still 1957.