Sunday, July 15, 2007

Had Dinner in the Yard

Had dinner in the yard tonight with friends Sarah & Scot. Tom has been working with our friends at Norton Guitars and had several models here to be photographed. Scot is a talented musician, so he brought an amp and took them for a test drive while I was grilling.

Now, your ordinary dinner guest will sit and make chit chat as you prep the meal, but I must say having someone fly with "Blackbird" while I'm grilling shrimp is awesome.

Sarah laughed as I geeked out and demoed the iPhone for Scot. I can't help it, when friends say "can I touch it" (and "it" refers to the iPhone) I have to go on dork patrol and give them a good tour. Anyway - it gave her a good laugh, and I got a great snap of her on the iPhone camera.

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