Monday, July 02, 2007

iGot iPhone - Thomas Got a Socket Set

I was fortunate to have my lovely husband accompany me for the iPurchase adventure. (BTW, iThink I'll be using the "i" in front of stuff for the rest of the week, then I'll be over it...) Tommy wasn't so much "with me" as "in the mall" and by in the mall I mean at Sears. Looking at tools. Over the next few weeks (I pray it is only weeks) we will be putting the final touches on the 1972 BMW Bavaria that has undergone much restoration over the last 2 years. The car is in the final stages of painting/finishing and when it is done we will install the trim and a variety of other parts - necessitating the purchase of new tools.

I wasn't up for a trip to Sears after my iPurchase and resulting iHigh (and dinner), so we went back to Sears on Saturday morning. I was taking pix of Tom on the iPhone and the Sears clerk spotted it and asked if it was the new "Apple thing." Both clerks in the tool department were intrigued by it and the whole "line up thing" that Apple did so they had no problem with being photographed. Try that with your digital camera!

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