Sunday, July 15, 2007

iPrototype Review

A giant pat on my own back here as I declare the iPrototype (known secretly as "iLid" or "iBeach") an utter success. In field trials I experienced no loss of sensitivity to the touch screen area, had no drop off in telephone sound quality and the photographs taken in the iPrototype came out just fine (for blogging purposes.) The photos had a bit of a color shift - but I can live with a bluer beach if it means keeping sand out of iPhone.

Our friends Judy & Mike's dog Tammy. She is a sweetie girl.

Seagulls were plentiful at the beach today. On swooped down and took a bite out of Tom's sandwich (while it was in his hand!)

At the end of the day we stopped by a local victuals seller and I purchased some wine for dinner. This image brought to you courtesy of iPhone camera. How could I pass it up. "Two forms of ID are required for out of state licenses and passports."

You can verify your citizenship for an I-9 form with just your passport, and you can take an international flight with just your passport- but in Gloucester, Mass. you'll need an additional form of ID if you want to buy some wine.

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