Thursday, July 19, 2007

Madame Ryan Wants to Know

Colleague, co-author and bright light Ryan Barrett has thrown down the gauntlet and asked me to lay my soul bare for the Internets. If it will sell more copies of The Age of Conversation (it's for the kids you know) - then so be it. Prepare to learn eight things that will cause me to blush when someone repeats them in a bar.

1. My three favorite men are my husband Tom, Jon Stewart and George Clooney. In that order. I have only met one of the three on the list.

2. I really want everyone to "just get along" or at the very least to leave each other alone. The world would be a whole lot better if peeps just did their thing and let others do theirs.

3. I like to play my records loud when my husband travels. Yes, I still have vinyl.

4. When my husband announced that I was getting cats for Christmas in 1996 (I had asked for Nintendo) I was pretty bummed out. Badcat & T-Bone have actually turned out to be better than Nintendo (but I'm lucky because Tom scoops the litter.)

5. My mother Blanche is my biggest inspiration. She keeps on trucking in the face of foolishness, nonsense and bullshit. She always has. And she has always made it fun. Mom, I have nothing but happy memories of blanket tents and camping inside. Of everything in my life, I am most proud of you.

6. The music I put on the iPhone in the folder called "Medical Oddities Convention Deflection Program" (the name bestowed on a certain group of commuter rail riders who regale each other with stores of fungi, ingrown things, tumors of unusual size and other kinds of medical weirdness) includes Abba and Van Halen. I have no problem swinging between Dancing Queen and Running with the Devil.

7. Every time I meet a blogger whose work I read, I get all gooey inside. Sort of like meeting George Clooney, but without the soul-searing handsomeness (Copyranter aside) and the exceptional wealth.

8. I trained as a printer's apprentice for three years in high school. This girl could run a four-color press before she could drive. I could still strip a negative faster than anyone I know (if anyone in this century still worked that way.) I would love to find a letterpress and make my own cards.

Bonus! Secretly, I pretend to hate it when random chants of "Yankees suck" break out in places where the Red Sox and the Yankees are not actually playing. (Best place so far this year: a wedding.)

Thank God I got that off my chest. I think I would be nice if some bloggy friends coughed up a little embarrassment of their own. Archeress (top 8 least favorite "talents" perhaps?), Matty (visual form?), Megan (bridal things?), James (where to begin?), Chris (what do you like?)


James-H said...

Aw. Such love. Unfortunately I recently went through this excruciating exercise. I can't stomach it twice. Nor can my microscopic band of followers, who threaten to leave daily.

Moda di Magno said...

James: Loved your list. A decent enchilda indeed!

megan said...

I did it over at Divine Reality don't ask me why.

Slinky Redfoot said...

Visual? but i'm a writer!!