Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Make the Logo Bigger - I Mean, Plaid

Yeah, I meant Make the Logo Bigger Plaid. The kids from Plaid are on a summer cross-country tour. They rocked out an Econoline van with some stickers, all the latest some geek gear, an ice chest of wine coolers and and what appears to be a group of marketers on probation for violating the corporate travel policy.

They are meant to swing through Boston tomorrow and if we can nail down a location I'll broadcast it here. You should put on your finest plaid or Harajuku ensemble and head on down for some swag, schwag or other giveway crap that is littering up the back bench in the van.

You can follow their adventures live on the Plaid Nation site (yes, I would like a Twinkie Giuli), or on their blog.

I'm going to suggest this to my marketing peeps as something we should totally do. Except in a private jet. And staying at the Four Seasons. With a staff that would handle all the working and stuff. That would be awesome.

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Make the logo bigger said...

Twinkies and t-shirts–there really are no better gifts we can offer.