Tuesday, July 17, 2007

One of the Best Nights Ever

I had a lot of work to catch up on today (given that I devoted a few hours to discussing The Age of Conversation available HERE and still benefiting children…) so I hesitated when my friend Beth Winer called with a late invitation to a Nordstrom event. The Nordstrom Company is opening a new store in Natick, MA on September 7th and they had a very swank little soiree at the State Room tonight to celebrate. I wrapped up my madness and headed out as soon as I could.
The State Room truly has the best views of the City of Boston. Also they make a great margarita. And tuna tartar flutes. OMG, everything they do is fabulous – which is why it was a perfect spot for the Nordstrom event.

The event featured live modeling of hot, hot, hot styles. Present at the event were GODS OF FASHION™ - Not kidding, no hyperbole (you know me, I’m so not prone to hyperbole.) In the house for the event was fashion retail scion Pete Nordstrom. Pete is very tall. Pete is very handsome. Pete is very well-spoken and quite nice. Thank you Pete, for a lovely event and for consenting to the iPhone photo session.
Also in the house Isabel and Ruben Toledo. OMFG – ISABEL AND RUBEN TOLEDO. Do you have any idea how totally awesome, amazing and awesome that is? AWESOME! Isabel got a chuckle out of the iPhone camera – she is a divine creature and an amazing designer. She is doing a line for Anne Klein and I cannot wait to see it.

Ruben is an extraordinary artist and illustrator and he desired to see general direction of the new store, so I walked him to the other side of the building and pointed out he Hancock towers, the Charles River and other points of interest on the Northwest side of Boston. I took him on a 33rd floor tour of the City. I showed him the North End of Boston (and recommended Neptune Oyster for the best lobster roll in town.) I pointed out Faneuil Hall, the Old State House, the financial district , Logan Airport, the Rose Kennedy Greenway (finally replacing the original “green monster” – the two-deck highway now replaced by the “big dig”) and basically gave him my old Governor’s Office spiel. He is a delightful man. What a treat to meet him.

Also attending the event: Andre Leon Talley. Hello? Vogue Magazine's ANDRE LEON TALLEY people! Andre Leon Talley. Fug Girls – take frickin’ note – ME & ANDRE LEON TALLEY . (Fug Girls – I will remind you that this was a last minute invite – ordinarily I would have been decked out in something f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s for an event of this type. Cut a girl some slack for digging out some MAC Glam lip gloss on the way to the party!) There were a lot of ladies lined up for a photo with Andre Leon Talley . He was quite kind in obliging them. (Special thanks to Allan Dimes at Northstar Photography for the photo!)

Beth and I were fortunate to meet a number of Nordstrom executives – one nicer than the next. I applaud in your general direction Nordstrom – every employee we met was a delight, but most especially Miss Allison Hathaway, manager of handbags at the new store. Not only was she well-dressed and pleasant, she was ENGAGING. Retail brands please take note: ENGAGING. She was knowledgeable, she wasn’t selling anything except the experience, she was pleasant and happy and smiling. It was a pleasure to meet her – I will look forward to visiting the department and seeing her in action. Also in the completely delightful department was Rick Stroik – manager of salon shoes. Funny, happy, again – engaging, completely and totally into making connections at the event. (No matter how shy some of the guests were…) I made them pose for the prom picture (but look how cute they are, I mean really!)

The live modeling was terrific – the girls were lovely and handled the clothes beautifully. At one point someone’s Nana walked up to a model and began asking questions – and God bless her heart, the model was so gracious and spoke to her (deaf as Nana was.)

This was a very well produced event, very well managed, a lot of fun (the bartenders knew how to make a drink) and it was absolutely snob free. I declare the party FABULOUS. I'll be looking forward to the store opening on September 7th, and if I’m not on the road touting the Age of Conversation (see how I worked that in again) I'll try to join in the fun on the September 5th Gala event to benefit the Museum of Fine Arts and the Boston Ballet.

You can see the rest of the party pictures in this Flickr Set. All of the photos were taken on my iPhone! Welcome to the neighborhood Nordstrom. Cheers!

As a final farewell, Anthony Roan (available through Maggie Models), Beth, Allie and Steve Langton (available through Dynasty.) Congrats for having ENGAGING models - capable of speech and pleasantries!

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