Friday, July 20, 2007

What a Week!

Tom was laughing at me because I was being a bit of a puss when something did not go my way this week. He was laughing because as weeks go, this was pretty darn great. So I made some notes in my iPhone (because I can) and here is the summary:

Monday: "My" book (our collective book) was published. The Age of Conversation is alive and well and flying off the shelves. You should totally buy the book, its for the kids you know! Dinner with Charlie & Donna (up from Boca) and Sam and Nancy Jane, and Lizzie too! Good, organic fun at Flatbread Pizza.

Tuesday: On a last minute invitation by my friend Beth, I attended the Nordstrom opening party at The State Room. Nordstrom knows how to throw down. I met two of my art heroes (Ruben & Isabel Toledo) and a bona fide God of Fashion: Andre Leon Talley, Editor-at-Large for Vogue Magazine. If the evening had a sound it would be me screaming and jumping up and down. Perfectly awesome event. We made some nice new fashion friends, I can't wait for the Natick store to open on September 7th.

Wednesday: The book is a hit. My blog is a hit. Peeps really liked to be photographed and written about, because a lot of people hit the blog again and again. Received nice notes from Nordstrom folks. I love you guys too. Rock on with your fashionable selves!

Thursday: Bill Green of Make the Logo Bigger fame is on a world US tour with the Plaidnation team. The van took a swing into Boston and me and Ryan Barrett went out for a visit and some swanky swag. The Plaidnation tour website includes a live video cam, so when I got in the van for a spin, my good pal Paul McEnany in Dallas saw me and sent an email announcing that he was watching live. Then a minute later he sent this one:

"Very graceful" refers to my falling out of the van after I opened the door. I joked that it was all the diet coke cans and Twinkie wrappers. It was no such thing - that was pure, unadulterated gracelessness - caught live on the webcam. I love that Paul saw it and shouted out. He was still laughing when we spoke by phone later in the day. THAT people, is social frickin' media.

Later on Thursday I received a call from the Museum of Fine Arts. A corporate communications person had been forwarded by blog (and after she stopped spewing tea from her nostrils) she gave me a call and we talked about the Nordstrom Grand Opening Gala. The Gala tickets are $150 and the price benefits the Museum of Fine Arts and the Boston Ballet. I was asked if I would write about the event in the hopes of selling tickets. We talked about a number of approaches to get the word out for the event, which is Wednesday, September 5th from 6:30 to 10:00pm and includes dining, drinking, fashion shows, private shopping and no doubt, some serious swag. Call 617-369-3851 by August 15th. Complimentary parking! I will give the event a proper flogging (can it really be flogging if I do it for love?) over the weekend. Asked to flog for the first time: Awesome.

Friday: I delivered a crazy big jewelery order to a friend and former neighbor as a birthday gift for a relative. How crazy big?- I'm halfway to the replacement Mac. Thanks Stace!

Had dinner in Arlington Center with Harold and Watson. Delightful and delish, and completely casual. Good food and good friends on a night that the weather is playing nice-nice: excellent!

So, with all the happy goodness going on - how could I focus on a niggling little problem instead of all the cool stuff going on? How foolish of me. I'm going to try to be a more grateful person. And I'll try to stop falling out of vans, on webcam least.

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Make the logo bigger said...

I can confirm the twinkies did in fact break the fall.