Thursday, July 05, 2007

Who Put All That Crap in My Attic?

I spent the day cleaning, going through the attic, and dealing with the boxes and things that I put up there when we moved in two years ago. I honestly believed that I would use the stuff up there, but no surprise - I haven't touched much up there since January 2005. So I'm going through every single thing and planning a yard sale on Saturday. Just like Clean Sweep (or the divine Niecy Nash's Clean House) - what doesn't sell is going away (to charity or to the dump.)

The act of assessing things that seemed important at the time you carefully wrapped them and packed them and paid burly men to move them from one place to another is liberating and frightening at the same time. Liberating because it is like losing weight (or gaining floorspace) and frightening because it is cutting a tie to the past. I haven't had the guts to go through 4 giant boxes of photographs and letters and cards - I don't know if I'll ever be ready to throw away a birthday card or note from my Mom. All the letters she sent after I moved to Los Angeles and was pretending to be "big grown up girl" - while crying myself to sleep at night, how could I let those go?

While I'm going through the final unopened boxes I hope to find my gravy boat. I finally replaced it earlier this year, but the original plain-white porcelain was perfect - I'm holding out hope that it is up there somewhere. Today I found a handbag that I thought was long lost (or sent to Goodwill) and got quite a chuckle to find valet slip for Dan Tana's restaurant. I'm guessing the slip is circa 1991. Yikes. Was I having dinner with Geri and Richard? I can't remember. Hi Geri & Richard in any case.

What do you keep in your attic? Is it junk? Is it memories? Is it stuff you are planning to get to? I'm hoping mine is a little more like the BBC's Cash in the Attic.

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