Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Buy Me That: Follow-up Edition!

In yesterday's post I wrote about the Farylrobin "Kage" shoe. I indicated that I was not a fan of the shoe.

While I am not a fan of the Kage shoe, I do like some of Farylrobin's other offerings. Their website is young and a bit wonky, so the links will take you to photos of the shoe, you'll have to surf to the Farylrobin site for more info. (Farylrobin marketing/PR peeps - take a lesson from Nordstrom - they have a sleek shoe interface going - and it is easy to post a link in a blog. I have concerns about the photography, but that can be easily improved.)

I like the Farylrobin Fenway (particularly in cherry.) The rocker chick in me likes the Vindica (in the right wardrobe situation people! Please do not put this shoe at the bottom of a miniskirt and a sleeveless blouse. Proportion!) So see shoe people, I'm not picking on Farylrobin.

While I did not intend to twist anybody's shoe-loving panties in a bunch, I seem to have done just that. The twisted panty bunch mostly appeared in my email, but one brave soul did post as anonymous.

Anonymous said...
I love your blog, but I think you're wrong about that Farylrobin shoe. It's totally hot. I saw it featured in the new issue of Lucky this month.

I felt the need to respond in case anonymous was a PR peep (and because sometimes the voices in my head demand equal time on the laptop) so I posted this:

Thanks for the compliment anonymous. I love shoes. I sold shoes years ago and I have nothing but empathy for those who aren't on the buying end, but must handle the customers on the retail end. "No really, I'm a size six..." but my fear with the Kage shoe can be illustrated by the fug girls at this post.

Toe slippage. I guarantee that there will be stray pinky toes trying to escape the sides here. Or that some poor dear girl will pair these shoes with a delicate mini something never giving proportion a second thought. Perhaps this shoe would work with a fabulous pair of jeans, but if I know the shoe-buying public, ladies are already justifying wearing these with knee-socks and a chiffon tea-length gown. Perhaps a stern warning tag could be issued?

PS - Lucky has a pretty good "awesome" rate with me - but if I know Andrea Linnett's taste - she'll pair these with a thousand dollar brown burlap caftan accessorized with a vintage dinner-plate sized silver and turquoise eagle belt. ---

Now while I'm kidding about the chiffon tea-length gown and knee-socks, I'm not kidding when I say my first thought when I saw the Kage shoe was this:

I don't think I'm wrong, and I can't get it out of my head. I think the Fenway is a better choice.

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