Friday, August 24, 2007

The Gem Tour Continues

Any tour of the finest purveyors of jewelry must include La Maison Cartier. They have a nice website that you could waste a lot of time on. They have a number of nice features including films on everything from "Jewelry Know How" (totally worth watching!) to a showcase of "emblematic pieces." I can't decide if their web experience is hip enough to include desktop downloads of beautiful things (or vintage enough to include desktop downloads.) I downloaded the shot below. Yummy.

There are many pretty things on the site - all of which you must purchase in a store - so no prices on the site, but you can imagine the numbers are way up there. Making the option to window shop on the site that much more valuable.

I love the translated site functionality. "We thank you to" - love it. So I did.
And the confirmation that I had successfully subscribed to the Cartier Club. I love that my subscription has been taken into account and that I have received identification parameters. Very cool.

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