Friday, August 10, 2007

Glamor Ion Speaks

I may have to report myself to my HR office because I spent a fair amount of time gifting people with fabulous anagrams of their names. The lovely and talented Bill Green turned me onto's anagram maker in a post entitled Baggie Reek Log Moth and it made my Friday pretty damned amusing.

These were but a few of my favorites based on Moda di Magno: Adman Dig Moo, Mania Dog Mod, Ad Dam Mooing and the classic, Maid Damn Goo.

My full name provided some fabulous options: Alarming Noon, Loaning Roman and my favorite: Gonna Ram Loin.

Since Bill created a nice little anagram meme, I toss out a few favorites to some friends. Megan, I declare you Alright Possum.

Geo, your frat name is A Man Begone Urgent.

Paul my brother, congratulations on A Harem Weeknight.

Jessica, (apparently) Shags Jay Ice.

Archeress, you got a Heavy Fan Dose.

Jeff, I had a tough time deciding between Diva Legit Hi and Ah Digit Evil.

Armano, your vacation name is Ad Road Mavin.

Valeria, I declare you Tamale Lira Vino.

CK, are you supposed to be practicing? For you got Clarinet Ye Shirk.

Matty, I am loving your Badmen Thwart.

The madmen of The Age of Conversation, Drew and Gavin, together you shall be known as Rad Vegan Wind.

I love me some stylish words - thanks Bill (whom I shall forever think of as Rebelling!)


Valeria Maltoni said...

That is really funny, Lori. And the vino part is rosso.

Make the logo bigger said...

That’s me, always rebelling, or repelling. I forget which.

Moda di Magno said...

Valeria - all chocolate should be dark, all wine should be red!

Drew McLellan said...

LOL! These are great. I'll let Gavin be the wind part and I'll go for rad. ;-}


Slinky Redfoot said...

Not bad. But I like Thaw Mart Bend