Thursday, August 23, 2007

Puttin' on the Ritz

Members of the Boston contingent of the Age of Conversation authors met tonight. We gathered at the George Washington statue in the Boston Public Garden (not far from the Swan Boats and ever so close to the "old Ritz.") Pictured are Ryan Barrett, Scott Monty, Me and Brian Reich. What a treat to meet face to face! After a bit of chit chat we convinced two nice young men to take a group shot for us.

Scott, Ryan and I headed to the bar at the "old Ritz" - now the Taj Boston and enjoyed a celebratory cocktail and caught up on who's doing what - and got the rundown on many of the Simpsons characters that Scott can imitate. (To the delight of the young man seated near us!)

Gracing our evening was a pianist and when he busted out "Putting on the Ritz" Scott and I could not resist performing as a Peter Boyle duo from Young Frankenstein. Ryan did her best not to point and laugh and I think the pianist appreciated the effort. A good time was had by all - let's do it again Boston AoCers!

This is Josh Moore and Mike Jensen who were kind enough to take our photo. Thanks Josh & Mike!

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Lewis Green said...


I am sorry I missed putting on the Ritz but glad that I found your blog today. I have heard much about you, but didn't really know what you did. I have added you to my blogroll and plan to return often.