Sunday, August 19, 2007

Tyler's Ultimate Enchiladas? Yes Indeedy!

Yesterday when I sat down to make my shopping list I turned on Food Network. Tyler Florence's show Tyler's Ultimate was just starting so I let it become my background noise as I figured out what the house needed (which was a lot.)

Thank God I looked up, because Tyler was making his Ultimate Enchildas - and damn if the boy wasn't right. The enchildas are his take on the Mexican classic. The roasted tomatillo salsa was the best I have ever had. I'm very pleased since it was the first time I've ever made roasted tomatillo salsa!

I love to cook (and Food Network is on in my house all the time) so frequently I'll watch someone make a dish on Food Network and think "that looks simple enough," only to have to slog to the finish and be happy I didn't burn my hand off. Watching Tyler make this dish I had the same reaction, but the preparation was as easy as he made it look. I didn't have time to make the homemade black beans and yellow rice, but I served the dish with local fresh corn - which has been spectacular this year.

I can't wait for the leftovers at lunch.

Tyler's Ultimate Enchiladas: Highly Recommended


Make the logo bigger said...

That bastard is everywhere. I think he’s taken over my local Applebee’s. Wait, someone’s at the door. Oh, yeah, it’s him.

Guy gets around.

Moda di Magno said...

Tyler has a posse. Don't mess with him. Still and all - the best frigging enchiladas in ages.