Thursday, August 30, 2007

A Walk Through Neiman's (Online) Shoe Dept.

In my continuing search for the most beautiful shoe (or any shoes that strike me as needing to be in my closet) today I bring you a few selections from Neiman Marcus. Nice photography though the site is a bit wonky - but I'll forgive that since there are plenty of dreamy shoes there.

Magno approved:

The Michael Kors Torquay Pump intrigues me. It manages to be a solid-looking shoe without an ounce of clunk. That is a tall order, so good for you MK. At $195 (if the quality is there) I can see these as an investment.

The Azzaro Metallic d'Orsay Pump worked its way into my heart after a few minutes. I could see this in early fall with a lightweight gray wool pencil skirt - but then I do favor the sexy secretary look. At $315 these need to be multi-season shoes and I think the colors just might work.

I am so in love with these shoes it hurts. The Salvatore Ferragamo Severina Pump is making my heart soar. You could wear this shoe with anything and look smashing. At $340 it seems a relative bargain.

Gucci Jacqueline Wedge is another object of desire. This shoe with the right flowy a-line skirt could make my world go around. A little vintagey, a lot hot. I love this shoe, even if I can't justify the $525 pricetag. Yet.

Completely and totally unacceptable:

Congratulations to the Brian Atwood Cutout Sandal ($714) for making me appreciate the Farylrobin shoe. Not only is the sandal unappealing, it's crazy expensive!

Coming in at the top of the crazy list is Donna Karan Metallic Platform Sandal. The ability to wear these and not look like a fembot is a rare one indeed. At $730 you have to really want to be a fembot.

For the grown-up Cindy Lou Who in you I present the Stella McCartney Platform Pump. On balance I can see where this shoe might work in a situation or two, but I believe both of those situations involve working girls and/or poles of some kind.

It's as if I'm coming out of a nightmare in 1992. The half-boot is appearing at a club near you worn with cuffed denim shorts and white ankle socks. Your frizzed hair is sprayed into a spectacular waterfall of crusty curls and you are rocking the mall. That is what my first view of Donald J. Pliner's Woven Leather Mule made me feel. $335 is a lot to pay for a nasty flashback like that.

Jury still out:

The Prada Jeweled Sandal is an appealing object to me, my only concern is what the ladies would pair it with. I've seen them on the runway with silky, shorty dresses - but there aren't a whole lot of gals who can pull off that look.


Mrs. CapeCodAlan said...

Aie-yi-yi, I can only say, "Been there, done that, have the foot damage to prove it." Those all seem so very 80s, and I lived through the 80s ocne already, thank you very much!

At this point in my life, I think I'll stick to my Sperry Topsiders and Tevas, with an occasional foray into the little black Ferragamo pumps.

selva said...

wow a real artistic made in this shoe...first send my regards to this designer....I didn't came across such different model.i want like this. This is very much different from nike shoes.........

Moda di Magno said...

Selva is a comment spam asshat and the reason that I am forced to moderate comments.