Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Welcome Surprise of Kindness

Tom and I spent the wee hours at the Massachusetts Veterinary Referral Hospital with T-Bone the cat. Two weeks ago, T-Bone was diagnosed with asthma and at 12:30am he experienced a severe attack. Who knew cats could develop asthma? Not me. That's T-Bone in the oxygen tent/incubator at 3:00am. Note the Barney fleece blanket provided by the hospital.

T-Bone received excellent care from the entire staff at the MVRH in Woburn. Loads of thanks to Doctors Jennifer and Katrina for the kindness and attention, as well as all the technicians who provided care. Yolanda at the front desk was a sweetheart for allowing us to say "goodnight" to T-Bone (and snap a pic in the incubator.) The orange boy came home this evening, very tired, a little wet (he got a bath) and missing all the fur on his stomach from prep for the ultrasound.

Beside the emotional trauma of trying to take care of a creature who can't tell you what the problem is, today I was showered with kindness by friends and co-workers.

Many readers know I make jewelry at Moda di Magno, and my extended clan of nearest and dearest at work also know. So today I reached out in a bit of a panic. I swallowed my not inconsiderable pride and sent an email to my "regular" shoppers (how regular you ask? They have collections named for them) and announced a one day "buy one get one free" sale to post bail for T-Bone help pay the vet bill. This is the bill after last night's bill and the bill from two weeks ago. Ouch. The care T-Bone received was worth every penny, but giant unplanned expenses bunched so close together are a budget killer.

My friends and co-workers stopped by my desk in droves and purchased lots of jewelry. Now I am in the strange (and happy) place of recognizing the kindnesses extended to me, for not only did some of my friends purchase jewelry, they rounded up purchase amounts to "help the cause." Which has made me utterly and completely weepy right now. Today I am a lucky, thankful & extremely grateful girl for good friends and a cat on the mend.

My friend Charlie added a little something for T-Bone too - a Save T-Bone donation cup taped to the front of Cube Mahal.

T-Bone having his supper (at home finally) while Badcat pretends she doesn't know who he is and circles him sniffing.

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