Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Fashion Week Dreaminess

Some of you will be amused or amazed or horrified to learn that peeps covering Fashion Week for New York Magazine have set up an astounding gallery from the first couple of days - and you can vote on each image. The choices are Hideous or Fabulous. Those are choices I can live with, though there were a few garments where I thought "If you just trimmed off the tinfoil Christmas decorations and hemmed it, maybe..." There were a few items I loved, more items that were "eh" and a whole lotta WTF! Take a peek and enjoy rating things that no one in the right mind would wear on the street.

Because I am naturally impatient, here are a few hideous items for your amusement.

From the Christian Dior Lampshade Collection

A collection created for our modern young starlets (who keep forgetting their pants) - a puffy coat and tights by Rock + Republic. Where are Britney/Paris/Lindsay and the other blonde ones when you need them?

The insanity that is Thom Browne. Check out the collection and look for a spectator in the lower left corner that giggled through the entire show...

I'm guessing Valentino threw this little number together for the print ads because you couldn't wear this on the street without being pummeled by PETA.

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darryl ohrt said...

I'm totally wearing that guy's suit to my next client meeting.

Would love to produce a video of people wearing runway silliness in real life.