Saturday, September 01, 2007

The Most Exciting Red Sox Game This Season!

Congratulations Clay Buchholz on your second major league start - pitching a NO HITTER against the Baltimore Orioles. The first Red Sox rookie to hit pitch a no-hitter. Truly the most exciting game this year and one of the most exciting games of my entire life. What a thrill to watch a young man (as in 23 years young) do something so few have ever accomplished. Clay is only the 11th American League rookie to hit a no-hitter since 1922. Captain Jason Varitek called a great game and Clay received nice defensive support from Dustin Pedroia with the amazing dive, spin, throw-out at first to keep the no-hitter going. (Check out the tape on the MLB website!) Awesome, just awesome.


peter said...

Hon, you mean PITCH a no hitter, not HIT a no hitter, right?



Moda di Magno said...

Pete: You are correct oh wise one. I was so exited I could barely type last night! Corrected now!