Friday, September 07, 2007

Natick Collection, Fruits+Passion, Nordstrom

What a day! A day of fashion and passion and shopping!

In order of occurrence ~ with commentary:

Tommy had an assignment to shoot for a Quebec-based company called Fruits & Passion at the new Natick Collection (known to locals as the Natick Mall, recently expanded and totally swankified.) The Natick Collection grand opening was conveniently scheduled for today, including the brand new Nordstrom store which I may have mentioned. A bit.

I had been planning an evening trip to Nordstrom with Megan Garnhum of A Girl Must Shop, but when the opportunity to shoot at the mall before the opening popped up I thought "how fab!" I knew Nordstrom was hosting a pre-opening "Cosmetics Tailgate Party" in front of the store with dozens of its swanky cosmetics vendors, lots of make-up artists and beauty swag. (And coffee and crullers to begin the day beautifully.)

Since Tom had to shoot Fruits & Passion before the mall opened at 10am, I knew I would miss the tailgate party, but Megan made it and will blog it at AGMS. The party was a mob scene and it looked like everyone was having a lot of fun (and walking away gorgeous!)

The shoot went very smoothly - the Fruits & Passion store is quite lovely. The products are quite desirable and the packaging sends me over the moon with it's thoughtful and clever design. Also, the store is a sampler's paradise - you can try absolutely everything, even the hand soap. The devil you say? It's true, they have a very cool sink in the store with hand soap so you can try before you buy! (As one who's returned home with smelly handsoap, this is an awesome feature.)

We were fortunate to meet many lovely people in leadership positions - every one a pleasure to work with and made the assignment as easy as possible in the mad scramble to open. If you are in the area, visit this weekend as they are hosting a number of events, sampling parties and other grand opening specials. I was bummed out to miss the special treat named Earl Harried (photo from

After Tom finished shooting, I ran straight to Nordstrom to find new friends Allison Hathaway (designer handbags) and Rick Stroik (shoes.) I was hoping to see store manager Michelle Haggard, but I figured she would be flat out on opening day.

I took a run through shoes and spotted Rick right away (thank God he is still fabulously blonde so I could spot him coming down the escalator!) The shoe department was packed and he was doing was great shoe people do - helping customers find the right shoe for them.

I ran to designer handbags to find Allison - the vision in blue she was while assisting a nice lady with a very hot Yves St. Laurent bag. (Mama likey the leopard print!)

I said a quick hello and promised to visit later in the day then dashed off to the Dior counter. At the tailgate party Meg got a beautiful makeup application by Christine Duellman of Christian Dior NY. I only had a few minutes before Tom was going to drag me kicking and screaming from the mall and deposit me at my office. Christine gave me an instant touch up that made me feel quite princessy. If it is possible for me to feel more princessy than usual... Meg snapped an action shot for me.

Tom and I had to return to the mall late in the day to deliver the images, so I planned a second outing to visit Nordstrom. I got to see Rick again (still in action) and ask him what the hot shoe of the day was. He offered up two selections - everything on the Tory Burch table (oh my how I love the leopard print boots...) and the fabled Manolo. Mmmmm Manolo. Rick models the Manolo for you.

I dragged Tom over to meet Allison, but she was (finally) having supper, so we headed off to find dinner ourselves. We took at shot at the new Sel de la Terre and will chalk it up to opening week jitters. Suffice it to say I enjoyed my cosmo, but will have to wait to try the pistachio encrusted halibut some other time.

The escalator to the garage happened to be near designer handbags, so we took a final swing through and found store manager Michelle Haggard (looking fabulous, but nearly voiceless after an insane day) and chatted briefly before locating Allison to poll her on what the hot handbag of the day was.

Here's Allison with one of the hot, hot, hot YSL handbags. (I picked the leopard print for the shot because mama likey the leopard!)

A fabulous, fashionable day - I'll post more pics tomorrow. This is Tommy shooting at 7am.

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