Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Oh Vera

Vera Wang's collection for Kohl's debuted recently and I find it a bit painful. I couldn't find a look I liked enough to present a full-size image. The small images make it appear that there may be a silhouette or two that could be flattering, but the fabric choices do not wow me, actually they kind of frighten me in an H&M way. Hey, budget fashion is what it is, but do the proportions need to be so bizarre? While I detest the photography, I'm really just not happy with Vera's collection here.

I missed the Vera Wang spring 2008 collection during fashion week - so I went to the New York Magazine (yes, the otherwise odious NY Mag) fashion pages and selected a few snaps which make me fear that Vera has just lost her mind.

I am speechless at this bit of I don't know what.

I rather like this, but would add a bit of color somewhere. In a season of giant belts, I think this is crying out for a big maroon leather cinch.

I saw this and thought "Would Tim Gunn have allowed this to pass at Parsons?" I think not.

I do like the lines of this, but find the color a bit drab. Perhaps some Turquoise baubles in place of the black?


Paul McEnany said...

how could you not think vera wang and kohl's was a match made in heaven? :)

archeress said...

omg, Lori, i loved this collection! there is one photo you left out, a black drawstring type of top with a purpleish silk skirt. i printed it out, going to try to MAKE this outfit myself. i just LOVE all of it. well, there you go. what do i know?