Tuesday, September 25, 2007

"Pressed" for Lunch

I was dying for something other than my three usual lunch spots, so I got off my duff and walked for 30 additional seconds and landed at Pressed in the financial district.

Kudos to the staff for quick service and the best sandwich I've had in ages ever. I had the chicken pesto sandwich (with Fontina cheese and artichokes.) OMG - the absolute perfect meat-to-cheese-to-bread ratio, the artichokes were sliced thin and it was all grilled pressed to perfection. Absolutely nothing fell out into my lap while I was enjoying my lunch, which makes me love anything even more. I'll be back soon.

The sandwich I call "tasty awesome."

Temporaray tatoos. I am yours forever.

Buy 10 get 1 free - I'll have my freebee in short order.

Find Pressed in three locations in Boston

Financial District
2 Oliver Street
Boston, MA 02109

Seaport District (Now serving wine and beer)
2 Park Lane
225 Northern Avenue
Boston, MA 02109

South Station/Chinatown Area (New)
85 Bedford Street
Boston, MA 02111

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