Friday, September 14, 2007

Really Daily Candy?

I love Daily Candy - my friends forward email all the time and demand to know why "Moda di Magno isn't on Daily Candy??" We'll get there dear friends, but in the meantime I subscribe too, and today I got the laugh of my Fashion Week dreams courtesy of Marion Mille (it's totally worth the click through):

How can I mock thee? Let me count the ways. You are French, so I automatically love it. This outfit is really silly - like oompa loompa silly (or modern Grinch silly.) That looks like a shade pull around her neck - so I'll give you utilitarian points, but what the hell are those shoe/boot things? I mean is that a capri-length oompa loompa suit with Tatoonie boots? OMG. I love the French.

This is made all the funnier because the model is so painfully skinny:

OMG. WTF. Thank you Lord.

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