Thursday, September 27, 2007

Saks Fifth Avenue "Want It" Fashion Show

My partner in semi-reverential fashion observation, A Girl Must Shop's Megan Garnhum and I attended the Saks Fifth Avenue "Want It" fashion show to benefit the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. How could I resist champagne, shopping and a fashion show, even on a night when I really should have gone home early to pack for a trip tomorrow? It was for a good cause and I am powerless against the runway. The runway does taunt me.

Megan and I got there early and selected seats that would afford decent photo ops and then shopped and fondled clothes that are too dreamy to even think about owning. (Particularly the Pucci print dress that is more than half the cost of my mortgage!) And the yummy Manolos. And Weitzmans. And Prada. And everything.

All of my pix are in this Flickr set. Here are some snaps from the show:

For every woman who has ever left the house with a tag hanging - here you go. A fashion show at Saks Fifth Avenue popularizes the "I'm going to miss my train" look.

The dress was really lovely.

Model Anastasia Filatova works it.

OMG - Pucci! Lots of it!

My favorite model of the evening was Anastasia Filatova. She worked the runway and the clothes and the crowd. For me, I want the model to really sell the clothes or be completely background, and Anastasia totally sold it. Bravissima. She tried to teach me "the look" afterward, but I mostly look like drunk Elvis.

Pretty cupcakes by Party Favors.

A special guest at the show.

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Julianne said...

Thanks for the beautiful pics.!! I really enjoyed to see the pics of Saks Fifth Avenue's "Want It" fashion show.