Wednesday, September 12, 2007

This Week in Bad Celebrity Fashion

I don't want to pile the misery on Britney save to say COULD SOMEONE GET THAT CHILD A HAIRBRUSH AND A MIRROR. And a good friend who will give her a cup of tea, a hug and a stern warning to get some underpants.

Given all the activity at Fashion Week Boston, it's a damn good thing the Fug Girls are on top of Fashion Week in New York. Fashion week has brought a great deal of celebrity fashion to the top of the pile, so I will pile the misery on Jennifer Lopez's celeb-fashion line Just Sweet.

Flattering dresses? No, we are storing those in the attic until all the womens wake up. Besides, my husband-corpse Marc loves it when my ass looks bigger.

My favorite part of (the otherwise odious) New York Magazine's fashion week coverage - the ability to vote on every look. 100% of people agree with me - hideous. I guess WTF was not a choice.

For your inner alien (who doesn't know if this is a shirt or a dress.)

Nicki (the mostly unskanky) Hilton introduced her collection Nicholai. Reflecting back on her time as a Gold Diggers of 1937, Nicki revives the rehearsal tap pants look. We don't know why.

While I may frown on matchy-matchy, Nicki has the girl who likes her green lamé from head to toe covered. I don't want to know if the panties match.

Delightfully kooky Gwen Stefani's L.A.M.B. line offered up some gems for the girls who like to go pantsless. 92% of people agree that this outfit is crazy. The other 8% are Paris and Britney.

If the skirt was long enough to sit down on, this could work. As is, you'd stick to your subway seat, and that's just gross.

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