Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I Miss Oingo Boingo

This was my halloween costume. If anyone guesses "Chiquita Banana" you are totally off my friend list.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Red Sox Rolling Rally

I tried to resist the lure of the Red Sox parade and rally, but it was near my downtown office location at lunchtime, and my new boss (fresh from Australia) was interested in seeing what kind of event it would be - so I was drawn to Tremont Street to cheer the team as they traveled past in duck boats. I'll post my iPhone pix on my Flickr when I have time. Here are the shots that I've saved to my desktop, because you know what - the Red Sox really are number one (and it's not a fluke!)

Big Papi David Ortiz hoists the trophy for all to see.

The parade as it wound toward my office.

Duck boats, police and crowd. Nice and orderly.

Mike Timlin and Jonathan "dancing boy" Papelbon.

Manny "being Manny" Ramirez.

Bobby Kielty, Jacoby "taco boy" Ellsbury & JD Drew.

Dustin "my favorite" Pedroia.

Monday, October 29, 2007

So What I'm Saying Is...

Police in Boston arrested 37 people yesterday as crowds celebrating the Red Sox' World Series victory burned cars and scuffled with police. WBZTV said tens of thousands of people joined the crowds. At least two cars were burned and one tipped over but only minor injuries occurred.

Last week, 17 revelers were arrested after the Red Sox won the American League pennant. Several were ordered by a Roxbury judge to write essays on why they shamed the city.

I'm guessing that many of these people have never played on a sports team. Never managed a sports team, been a ball boy or girl, or even so much as kept statistics for a sports team. So what gives these chuckleheads the right to dance semi-clothed but fully alcohol-fueled in the middle of my city streets? What gives them the right to burn my tax dollars by forcing the riot police out to keep these morons from tearing down streetlights (or falling from them as was the case last night.)

Imagine if this kind of pointless energy was channeled to fight a bogus war where near 4,000 of their peers have died, fight poverty or rebuild New Orleans. Imagine if that large group moved through an inner city neighborhood to teach kids to read, play ball or built a park.

Imagine if this group of misdirected youths visited the Greater Boston Food Bank en masse - they could sort and and manage thousands of pounds of food that feeds people in need. Or if they went to Community Servings to help prepare and package meals for critically ill people. Or the Pine Street Inn or Rosie's Place to feed, help or train the homeless.

If only that kind of energy (drunk and stupid as it was) could be harnessed for good.

I feel so old as I write this, but is this why parents from across the planet spend an average of $40,000 per year to send a kid to college here? So their kids can burn cars in celebration for a win they had nothing to do with? Maybe it is time for a draft.

Red Sox Win!! World Series Champs Again!!!

Yay!!!!!!!!! Mike Lowell, that was my favorite run home ever. Ever! Congratulations on the 2007 Series MVP!

Bobby Kielty gets the congratulatory head rub after his home run.

Lowell gets some love from Julio Lugo and David Ortiz after his home run.

Rounding the bases after the run.

John Lester - welcome back in the biggest way!

Mike Lowell - SAFE!

Mike Lowell - SAFE!

Mike Lowell - flying to SAFE!

Red Sox Game 4

Trying to keep it together at midnight. One out, bottom of the ninth 4-3 Boston.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Catch-up Sunday

Daammmnn it has been a busy week. Work is work, but between the Red Sox march to glory in the World Series, PodCamp, Halloweenie and jewelry requests - I have been in three places at one time at all times.

PodCamp was a blast on Saturday. I finally got to meet (the very tall) Chris Brogan. He gave me a toy. I twittered that yesterday, but it is still fun to say today... I attended two sessions at PodCamp. I made it to "How to Make Google Care About You" with Julien Smith and Chris Penn. This Chris Penn, not this Chris Penn (though the thought of dead Chris Penn podcasting about financial aid did make me laugh several times yesterday as I could not rein in my imagination. Something about me and conference rooms that starts the random thinking...) The session was interesting and I learned about WebsiteGrader (which rates the effectiveness of your site's marketing effectiveness) and Google Trends (which can help guide your marketing efforts by understanding what's hot and what will be hot.)

I found my fellow Age of Conversation author Scott Monty of the Social Media Marketing blog at the session and together we trundled off to "Monetizing your Webseries & Podcast" with Paul Kontonis. Paul talked about ways to effectively (and thoroughly) monetize your podcast, blog or webseries. The ideas were not new to me, but I enjoyed the way he presented them. I also enjoyed this phrase about building a recognizable brand "It goes beyond the logo." Nice reminder.

Scott gave me a chuckle by turning me onto his post entitled "New Media Douchebag, Are You One?" and I guffawed like a dork.

There are PodCamps scheduled all over the planet, you should get to one and become enlightened.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Live Blogging World Series Game 3, What Up Denver?

FINAL SCORE, Boston Red Sox 10, Colorado Rockies 5

(Fox idiots, 00000)

Ninth Inning (10-5 Boston)

Top half: Hawkins pitching. Lowell singles to center. Alex Cora bunts Lowell to second. Mike Lowell steals third (sliding head first) while Jason Varitek is at bat. Jason flies out to center. Mike Lowell scores. Lugo grounds to short. Papelbon will march to the hill.

Papelbon looking FIERCE. Matt Holiday flies out to Jacoby Ellsbury. I'll send Fox a check for $9 if they will silence the idiots in the booth. Atkins breaks his bat and the ball rolls to Lowell who throws him out at first. Hawpe slams one along the right field line and makes it to third. Papelbon is not pleased. Torrealba grounds out the short. Game over. Fox idiots say it is the longest game in World Series history (four hours, nineteen minutes.)

Eighth Inning (9-5 Boston)

Top half: Fuentes pitching for the Rockies. Varitek thrown out at first by Tulowitzki. Lugo walks. Coco Crisp shoots one over the head of Tulowitzki. Nice. Ellsbury slams one into right field, stays fair takes second. Pedroia slams one into right and he's on second. Crisp & Ellsbury home. 9-5 Sox. Youkilis grounds to Atkins. Manny strolls to his fifth appearance at the plate. Fuentes almost hits him in the knees. Manny pops up to Holliday.

Bottom half: Manny Delcarmen now pitching. Spilborghs foul fly out to right. Taveras hitting for Fuentes. Taveras lines to Pedroia. Everyone looks mighty cold now. Matsui hits one up the middle for one base. Tulowitzki at bat. Papelbon warming up. Tulowitzki walks. Papelbon is called to the mound. Pedroia taken out for Alex Cora. Holliday will bat next. Holliday flies out to Manny.

All those in favor of the sweater vest raise your hand.

Seventh Inning (6-5 Boston)

Top half: Pithcing for the Rockies is Herges. Mean breaking ball. Manny Ramirez strikes out. Mike Lowell strikes out on the change up. Herges gets JD Drew to strike out. Best inning for the Rockies.

Seventh inning stretch. Denver native (who knew?) Philip Bailey singing God Bless America.

Bottom half: Matsui bunts, makes it to first. Matsui steals second. Laser throw from Varitek. Tulowitzki grounds up the middle - Matsui to third. Francona calls Hideki Okajima to the mound. Coco Crisp replaces JD Drew. Shit. Holliday home run - it's a 1 run game. No outs. Helton line drive, no one out. Tying run on. Fox idiots guess that altitude is troubling Okajima. Atkins strikes out. Long inning. Hawpe strikes out. Torrealba hits to Okajima who throws him out at first.

Sixth Inning (6-2 Boston)

Top half: Ellsbury is really cute. Nice hit, but out (barely) at first. Movement in Rockies bullpen. Pedroia (also cute) shattered bat fly out to center. Press photographers look more comfortable at Coors Stadium than at Fenway. Appear to have actual seats as opposed to crouching in the dirt at Fenway. Ortiz strikes out. says it is now 39° in Denver. Brrr.

Bottom half: Kevin Youkilis is in at first. Matt Holliday grounds to Mike Lowell at third, nice throw out at first. Helton muttering under his breath and a backstare at the ump on first strike call. Fox idiots put up boring stats about Rockies players recruited for football in college. Yawn. Helton walks. Atkins walks. Francona to the mound. Javier Lopez will come in to face Hawpe. Hawpe drops one into center and Helton scores. The crowd goes wild. Torrealba slams a grounder into left, Atkins runs home. Mike Timlin is called to the mound. Spilborghs flies out to center, Ellsbury catches it at the 415' mark. Jeff Baker now pinch-hitting. Sweater vest unsightly on Baker. Line drive caught by the jumping Lugo - snow cone, NICE!!!

Fifth Inning (still 6-0 Boston)

Top half: Joe Buck announces JD Drew has a lead off double in the sixth inning. Drunk, or idiot - you decide... Drew hit a long ball that bounced off the wall in center field. That's a LONG way. All of the Sox have a hit now. Varitek strikes out after a bunch of fouls. Lugo up, flies out to right. Matsuzaka grounds to second baseman.

Bottom half: Torrealba lead-off hit up the middle for a single. Sullivan flies out to Ramirez, Torrealba beats the throw back to first. Smith makes it to first on a broken bat bloop to right. Matsui hits to Lugo, who tosses to Lowell to put Torrealba out. Tulowitzki pops up to Lugo.

Fourth Inning (still 6-0 Boston)

Top half: Ortiz grounds out. Ramirez, long fly out to center. Mike Lowell lines to the pitcher.

Bottom half: Holliday grounds out to Ortiz at first. Kevin Youkilis cheers from the bench - classy guy ("kid" as Francona called him in an interview.) White dude dressed as pimp in stands (purple velvet, natch.) Maybe the Rockies are holding a costume contest? Native weirdness? Trying to prove the sweater vests aren't the worst fashion decisions in Denver? Helton finally strikes out after a pile of fouls. A walk for Atkins. Hawpe pops out to left center.

Third Inning (6-0 Boston)

Top half: The Fox idiots are going to drive me mad all night. Must remain calm. Jacoby Ellsbury!!! line drive, safe at second! Nice move from the man that gave America free tacos at Taco Bell on October 30th for stealing a base. Dustin Pedroia looking to bunt. NICE! shortest bunt ever, he's safe at first, Ellsbury moved to third, no one out! Big Papi David Ortiz, line drive to the corner. Ellsbury scores!!!! Ortiz to second. Red Sox are first on the board!!! McCarver "What a lethal hitter." (duh) Pitching around Manny to load the bases with no outs. Mike Lowell line drive up the middle, Pedroia and Ortiz score. 3-0 Boston. JD Drew up. Franklin Morales warming up for the Rockies. Awesome - he's the one who walked in four runs on Wednesday night. Drew pops up. Captain Jason Varitek, base hit left field. Manny looks safe at home, umpire calls him out. Francona fighting. Even the Fox idiots got the call right. Hometown umps. Buck uses the phrase "Manny's do-rag." Ick. Fox idiots change their minds and call Manny out. Lugo walks. Matsuzaka base hit! Two runs in!!! Yay Dice-K!!! He gets my MVP of the game for that! Jacoby Ellsbury up AGAIN. Rockies waving towels. They have bottle beer in the stands. How weird. Almost hit Ellsbury. Ellsbury bloops into center. Lugo scores. 6-0 now!!!!! Pitcher Josh Fogg is chased from the mound. Morales coming in to pitch to Pedroia, who lines out to third base.

Bottom half: Morales strikes out. The sweater vest does not look terrible on Matsui, but it didn't help him not strike out. Man dressed as penguin holding beer, and lots of purple face paint in stands. Chalk it up to thin air. Tulowitzki grounds out.

Second Inning

Top half: McCarver and Buck have already pissed me off with their tone and idiotic commentary. Dear God, let this series go in four so I don't have to listen to the Fox monkeys. Varitek mighty close at first, but out on the replay. Julio Lugo! Two out double! Matsuzaka, not born to hit, but doesn't chase bad balls. Strike out with a foul tip.

Bottom half: Ouch. Dice-K hits Atkins who takes first base. Hawpe strikes out. Torrealba, sweater vest looks particularly bad on his physique, flies out to Ramirez. Fox idiots: blah blah blah humidor (same stuff we've heard all week.) Shut up! Sullivan grounds to short, inning over.

First Inning

Why are the Colorado Rockies fans dressed so weird? It's like 43 degrees and there's a guy dressed like the Jolly Green Giant, a man with a purple beard and someone in a Storm Trooper mask with a Rockies logo on it. Boston Red Sox got two on, no runs.

Bottom half: Matsuzaka looking good. David Ortiz looms large at first. Matsui gets a hit and and error to land on second, but since he and the team are wearing the sweater vest look, I think he should lose one turn. Tulowitzki is out swinging. Sweater vest? Matt Holliday hits to Matsuzaka who nails Matsui in a run down at second base. Good baseball there. Todd Helton grounds out.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Off to Podcamp Boston Tomorrow!

I'm headed to the Boston Exhibition and Convention Center tomorrow for Podcamp Boston to learn many cool things. I shall report back with cool things tomorrow. I'll have a lot of updates to post during Game 3 of the World Series.

Red Sox - Game 2. Not a Blowout.

Red Sox 2, Rockies 1.

Schilling, Okajima and Papelbon played a tight game. Hideki Okajima was solid as a rock. I was dubious about Schilling (as I always am, but I think that may be because of his politics...)

Papelbon has promised to dance the jig if the Sox take the series. That is something to look forward to. Big time.

Go Sox.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Sox - Game 1. Yeah Baby!

I can't add much to the excitement around game 1 of the World Series. Boston is electric with excitement (and still a bit of disbelief.) The Red Sox were awesome last night, the Rockies seemed really lost. Red Sox Nation can do that to you. Here are some snaps. Tonight's game is much more of a nailbiter - but I dig that, because I have a sneaking suspicion that the Red Sox will take it in 5. (Do NOT bet the farm on that.)

The Prudential tower gets lit.

Josh Becket, Ace.

Best fans ever.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

That Shirt Doesn't Go With Those Pants!

Memo to: The Colorado Rockies

RE: Choice of uniform for game 1 of the World Series

Importance: URGENT

Colorado Rockies, you may consider this a written warning - while league rules indicate your chosen ensemble for Game 1 was acceptable, normal rules of fashion find you in serious danger of causing stroke, siezure or other allergic reaction. Fans of Project Runway could face shock, coma or instant death.

The main issue: Sweater vest over long sleeve mock neck.

Huh? Really? Is this what you were going for? Yikes. Not very commanding. Also I don't like your choice of fonts, or the team colors. But really, the vest look - that could be hurting you more than you think.

Look at Me t-shirts has a shirt for clarity.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Super. Busy.

Am crazed on work event. Fun, but major. Can't really say much except that the words "Magno, dance better" have become a part of my life. More after the event on Wednesday night (and presumably after the Sox win game 1 of the World Series.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Red Sox Win! Red Sox Win!

Congrats to my (currently beloved) Boston Red Sox for winning their 12th American League pennant. Next up - The Colorado Rockies. The Rockies better hope the altitude in Denver (or snow) cause problems for Dustin Pedroia, Big Papi, Manny being Manny, Mike Lowell and the rest of the crew. One bit of fashion commentary - those league champion hats are UGLY.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

I'm Feeling It

The Red Sox have just gone up 5-2 over Cleveland in the bottom of the 7th on a home run by Dustin Pedroia. No matter what happens in this game or any potential World Series - watching Big Papi hop up and down out of the dugout to bear hug Pedroia is the image that will stick with me until next season. Joy. Pure, unadulterated, baseball joy.

I Knew They Would Win (Really) Part II

Several of my friends will tell you that I predicted that the Sox would take game six of the ALCS. History has also shown that the Sox will always take game six of the ALCS. I was wrong about Curt Schilling (this time.) Dice-K tonight (with Beckett in the wings.) I'm feeling this one. The boys are lively and funny and loose - and that counts for nearly everything. Bring on game 7 tonight!

JD Drew lets loose a career-saving grand slam home run in the first.

JD Drew watches the ball leave Fenway.

Youkilis, Papi and Pedroia wait for Drew after they scored on Drew's home run. That look of joy is baseball to me.

Pedroia's form racing to first. Nice.

I would appreciate it if people would stop hitting Kevin Youkilis. Espcially in the head.

Credit where credit is due: Sizemore robs a hit with an amazing diving catch.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

My (Not So Guilty) Guilty Pleasure

Kimora Lee Simmons is totally nuts, but I am enjoying the Style Network version of her insanity on Kimora, Life in the Fab Lane. She is histrionic, her children are future superbrat-monsters and her ex-husband seems to be the Dalai Lama compared to Kimora's spazziness. Yet, I can't take my eyes off the show. The show is not a train wreck like Being Bobby Brown or even The Osbournes, it is just good, clean fashion fun.

Friday, October 19, 2007

I Knew They Would Win

I don't want to mention the machinations me and many millions of Red Sox Nation went through today to help the team pull off their 7-1 win over the Cleveland Indians (but I know at least three people who are still wearing the same socks since game 1...) Apparently rally caps are frowned up on in client meetings - I didn't know. Also, at least one cafe worker did not appreciate the lunchtime chants of "Cleveland sucks" (but said cafe worker has chanted along to "Yankees suck" - so go figure.)

Josh Beckett ruled, Kevin Youkilis got the ball bouncing and Jonathan Papelbon continues to crack me up. Go team. And Tito, don't you dare put Schilling on the mound this Saturday.

This is how we congratulate someone after a home run? Ew.

And happy belated birthday to the Archeress!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

From Saturday

A steeple in Essex, Mass when Tom took me for a birthday drive. I am so crazy overwhelmed busy right now I can barely read my favorite blogs, let alone write. So I'll put a few pix and even fewer words for a few days. It's all good, I'll be asking "why are you wearing that" very soon.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Colbert Considers

The Red Sox are ruining my life at this very moment, but on the brighter side, Stephen Colbert is consindering to consider running for president. I kind of likey.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Accessory for my Birthday

My boss birthday gifted me with this nifty and delicious item from Jessica Kagan Cushman.

(Rhetorical) Question: How much do I love that fact that in just 12 short weeks the man (and his lovely bride) have sussed my taste out so completely?

Answer: A lot. I recommend that you pick your boss carefully