Sunday, October 28, 2007

Catch-up Sunday

Daammmnn it has been a busy week. Work is work, but between the Red Sox march to glory in the World Series, PodCamp, Halloweenie and jewelry requests - I have been in three places at one time at all times.

PodCamp was a blast on Saturday. I finally got to meet (the very tall) Chris Brogan. He gave me a toy. I twittered that yesterday, but it is still fun to say today... I attended two sessions at PodCamp. I made it to "How to Make Google Care About You" with Julien Smith and Chris Penn. This Chris Penn, not this Chris Penn (though the thought of dead Chris Penn podcasting about financial aid did make me laugh several times yesterday as I could not rein in my imagination. Something about me and conference rooms that starts the random thinking...) The session was interesting and I learned about WebsiteGrader (which rates the effectiveness of your site's marketing effectiveness) and Google Trends (which can help guide your marketing efforts by understanding what's hot and what will be hot.)

I found my fellow Age of Conversation author Scott Monty of the Social Media Marketing blog at the session and together we trundled off to "Monetizing your Webseries & Podcast" with Paul Kontonis. Paul talked about ways to effectively (and thoroughly) monetize your podcast, blog or webseries. The ideas were not new to me, but I enjoyed the way he presented them. I also enjoyed this phrase about building a recognizable brand "It goes beyond the logo." Nice reminder.

Scott gave me a chuckle by turning me onto his post entitled "New Media Douchebag, Are You One?" and I guffawed like a dork.

There are PodCamps scheduled all over the planet, you should get to one and become enlightened.


Chris Brogan said...

Super fun to meet you. : )

George said...

Thanks for the links and the review. I wish that I had time this week to attend. Busy week between work, blogging, the Sox, and these events... I did attend the Blogtoberfest and the Tech Blog events.