Sunday, October 21, 2007

I Knew They Would Win (Really) Part II

Several of my friends will tell you that I predicted that the Sox would take game six of the ALCS. History has also shown that the Sox will always take game six of the ALCS. I was wrong about Curt Schilling (this time.) Dice-K tonight (with Beckett in the wings.) I'm feeling this one. The boys are lively and funny and loose - and that counts for nearly everything. Bring on game 7 tonight!

JD Drew lets loose a career-saving grand slam home run in the first.

JD Drew watches the ball leave Fenway.

Youkilis, Papi and Pedroia wait for Drew after they scored on Drew's home run. That look of joy is baseball to me.

Pedroia's form racing to first. Nice.

I would appreciate it if people would stop hitting Kevin Youkilis. Espcially in the head.

Credit where credit is due: Sizemore robs a hit with an amazing diving catch.

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