Friday, October 19, 2007

I Knew They Would Win

I don't want to mention the machinations me and many millions of Red Sox Nation went through today to help the team pull off their 7-1 win over the Cleveland Indians (but I know at least three people who are still wearing the same socks since game 1...) Apparently rally caps are frowned up on in client meetings - I didn't know. Also, at least one cafe worker did not appreciate the lunchtime chants of "Cleveland sucks" (but said cafe worker has chanted along to "Yankees suck" - so go figure.)

Josh Beckett ruled, Kevin Youkilis got the ball bouncing and Jonathan Papelbon continues to crack me up. Go team. And Tito, don't you dare put Schilling on the mound this Saturday.

This is how we congratulate someone after a home run? Ew.

And happy belated birthday to the Archeress!

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