Monday, October 01, 2007

Myrtle Beach, SC: A Photo Essay

Myrtle Beach, SC - A Photo Essay: Beachwear, Buffet, Fireworks, Pancakes (with a little mini-golf thrown in on the side.)

I visited Myrtle Beach for the first time this weekend for the sole purpose of an extended family reunion. I had an amazing time with the Massa families (aka "the cousins") and had the thrill of seeing my Mom as someone other than my mother or one of the five Moccia sisters. I got to see her with her cousins and look at old photographs and home movies and laugh and talk and eat and laugh some more. I'm putting the Myrtle Beach Photo Essay here, but the family reunion pix will be up soon.

Myrtle Beach has a lot on offer, prime among them: beachwear, buffets (I note the "120 item buffet" is a frequent sign), fireworks (with great signage) and pancakes - they have a lot of pancake houses. They have a dash of mini-golf too. All the photos are HERE for your enjoyment.

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