Thursday, October 11, 2007

Not in Style, Definitely NOT a Trend

I do love the Daily Candy email newsletter quite madly. They frequently bring products to my attention that make me think, "hmmm, maybe I do need blue balls for my dryer..." but these tights/pants are beyond the pale.

Issue number one, I still have my Joan Jett records. Vinyl records. Hello, I still have my Runaways records. (Kids, go ask your parents.) I'm not ready for this particular flashback.

Issue number two, these are $113. That is crazy money for something that is going to give you a rash and not flatter your bum.

Issue number three, the wrong bums will purchase these and wear them with those mysterious "is it a shirt, is it a dress?" items in stock at your local everywhere, thereby causing the wrong bums to be on view on every sidewalk (and wherever Britney is at this moment.)

So for heaven's sake people, step away from the vinyl bottoms. Unless you are Joan Jett - then rock on sister!

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