Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Red Sox Rolling Rally

I tried to resist the lure of the Red Sox parade and rally, but it was near my downtown office location at lunchtime, and my new boss (fresh from Australia) was interested in seeing what kind of event it would be - so I was drawn to Tremont Street to cheer the team as they traveled past in duck boats. I'll post my iPhone pix on my Flickr when I have time. Here are the shots that I've saved to my desktop, because you know what - the Red Sox really are number one (and it's not a fluke!)

Big Papi David Ortiz hoists the trophy for all to see.

The parade as it wound toward my office.

Duck boats, police and crowd. Nice and orderly.

Mike Timlin and Jonathan "dancing boy" Papelbon.

Manny "being Manny" Ramirez.

Bobby Kielty, Jacoby "taco boy" Ellsbury & JD Drew.

Dustin "my favorite" Pedroia.

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archeress said...

okay...congratulations grumble grumble, on your grumble world series grumble victory. i do like manny. grumble. grumble grumble. and lowell. tsk. grumble.