Saturday, October 06, 2007

A Regional Approach to Delicious

With the glorious excuse of visiting company, we lucked into a reservation at the über-divine Rialto (at the Charles Hotel in Harvard Square.) Chef Jodi Adams' menu changes with the season, but for fall she is working the "regional approach to cuisine." Each month the cuisine of a different region in Italy will be featured. October's cuisine is from the Piedmont region, and oh how delicious Piedmont can be. Photo explanation follows.

Our friend Jamie Casner visiting from St. Thomas in anticipation of the glory to come.

Tom's stunning braised short ribs with Gorgonzola-potato fritter. Transcendent.

Tom gives the camera (me) the "gimlet eye" or "hairy eyeball" while waiting for our friends in the bar of Rialto. He's the one that gave the me the camera, I don't know why he's so suspicious of the camera all the time.

The wine. Oh how I love a super-Tuscan. This Bolgheri was delicious, but I kept reading the label as BlogHer...

AJ's steak. This is the perfect steak, cooked just right, served just right. Devoured completely.

My dinner: Grilled pork tenderloin in saba with milk braised pork shoulder and mushrooms (with fancy potato pouch, which I think should be called Italian samosa. There was nothing left on the plate. Mercifully our delightful server took the plate before I licked it - the sauce was that good.

Molasses ginger cake with pomegranate caramel and PUMPKIN ICE CREAM. I have to go lay down now.

Special thanks to manager Chrystyna Kassaraba and everyone at Rialto for another gracious evening. Tonight's meal is a top contender in the "customer service week" competition!

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