Monday, October 29, 2007

So What I'm Saying Is...

Police in Boston arrested 37 people yesterday as crowds celebrating the Red Sox' World Series victory burned cars and scuffled with police. WBZTV said tens of thousands of people joined the crowds. At least two cars were burned and one tipped over but only minor injuries occurred.

Last week, 17 revelers were arrested after the Red Sox won the American League pennant. Several were ordered by a Roxbury judge to write essays on why they shamed the city.

I'm guessing that many of these people have never played on a sports team. Never managed a sports team, been a ball boy or girl, or even so much as kept statistics for a sports team. So what gives these chuckleheads the right to dance semi-clothed but fully alcohol-fueled in the middle of my city streets? What gives them the right to burn my tax dollars by forcing the riot police out to keep these morons from tearing down streetlights (or falling from them as was the case last night.)

Imagine if this kind of pointless energy was channeled to fight a bogus war where near 4,000 of their peers have died, fight poverty or rebuild New Orleans. Imagine if that large group moved through an inner city neighborhood to teach kids to read, play ball or built a park.

Imagine if this group of misdirected youths visited the Greater Boston Food Bank en masse - they could sort and and manage thousands of pounds of food that feeds people in need. Or if they went to Community Servings to help prepare and package meals for critically ill people. Or the Pine Street Inn or Rosie's Place to feed, help or train the homeless.

If only that kind of energy (drunk and stupid as it was) could be harnessed for good.

I feel so old as I write this, but is this why parents from across the planet spend an average of $40,000 per year to send a kid to college here? So their kids can burn cars in celebration for a win they had nothing to do with? Maybe it is time for a draft.

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KP said...

Don't for one second confuse your wisdom with your age. Thank you for this - you are so right - WTF!