Friday, October 05, 2007

Starring You & Your Dream Guy?

Look carefully at this ad for Juicy Couture. "Starring you, your dream guy and the perfect accessories, shoes and bags." I'm sorry, but I must take a moment to dissect because something is making me itchy.

The young lady at right is adorable. She has the kind of skin that women covet, nice hair, cute pose. I think I like the dress, but loathe the puffy vest with sweater back (that thing is going to pill like Nana's nightgown after 10 trips to the dryer.) I am not a fan of "gold tone" jewelry. I want to know what my baubles are made of, especially given all the mysteries coming out of China. The purse, eh, it's the style of the young people. Not for me, but I don't hate it. It likely fulfills the requirements of a purse, namely to hold keys, cards, cel phone. Even something ugly can do that. The shoes have cute potential, but not with this outfit.

And then there's the unibomber. Really Juicy Couture, Dream Guy? Bone structure alone does not make someone a "dream guy." A little style, a little grooming and a lot less slouching. Fix that please.


Irene Done said...

"And then there's the unibomber."


Anonymous said...

you are too much! You need to come by the store again soon! We miss you!

Allie Hathaway!