Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Super. Busy.

Am crazed on work event. Fun, but major. Can't really say much except that the words "Magno, dance better" have become a part of my life. More after the event on Wednesday night (and presumably after the Sox win game 1 of the World Series.


C. B. Whittemore said...

Lori, tried to email you without success. Wanted you to see this Boston Red Sox Squidoo lens. Thought you might enjoy it [in your free time!] Best, CB

Patti McCoy, Indians fan, sends this in:

"Well, baseball is over in Cleveland. I had seriously hoped that I would be jumping around the living room and submitting my Cleveland Indians Video Showcase to you, but I can't. Instead, I would love for you to consider MrNoodles' Boston Red Sox lenses. They have won the American league and are heading to the World Series on Wednesday night. I can't say I'm happy -- it was a long playoff series and a tough battle. But the better playing team won, and I know MrNoodles is really happy right now and he deserves it. So a little Squid-love would be nice for him."


peter said...

Come back! Your public needs you to call the Rockies on those ridiculous sleeveless uniforms.