Monday, October 08, 2007

Today: Shopping, Not Baseball

People, I am here to save you time. That is one of my many gifts to you. The Neiman Marcus holiday catalog is out and I have perused it for you.

The fantasy portion of the catalog is quite interesting - you can't add of the fantasy items to your wish list but in the name of bald-faced consumerism, I want to share a few things that I wouldn't return if they arrived on my front porch.

Doesn't everyone need a Private Concert for 499 of their closest friends? Hell yes!

I have been called a Diamond in the Rough, but who knew they could be so fabulous?

You know how much I love my iPhone (but remain pissed at Steve Jerkface Jobs) well this lovely Cellular Phone is floating my boat.

I don't have the kind of modern home that would support such technology, but I would love this Crazy Wall in my office.

Speaking of crazy, my crazy old lady days are fast approaching, so I would like to be appropriately dressed in this Coat. I can get the 17 cats later.

I don't have any little darlings, but if I did, I hope they would have exceedingly awesome taste in expensive kid's furniture.

And while all of my silly list is well, silly - all I really want is the pop-up book. And this trunk. And this thermos. That's all I need.


Stoutcat said...

...and this lampshade!

James-H said...

I love this goddamned store. And desperately wish I pulled the cake to shop there.