Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Breaking News: MBTA Still Sucking

Shocked! Again! Not. This Boston Globe article on the Commuter Rail delays read a bit like a half-assed junior high book report. The takeaway is that the South Station riders are more bummed out than North Station riders.

As a frequent Lowell line commuter (and non-fan of the MBTA), let me tell you - I feel your pain. Not only does the commute suck most of the time, but the "new" "North Station" gets suckier by the week. Yes, we really did need a bar at North Station because nothing soothes the oft-delayed Zone 6 monthly passholder like a shot of something at the station. It is AWESOME to have fans of the Celtics/Bruins/Justin Timberlake blocking all entrances to "North Station" at twice a week during commuter rush hour. The addition of a news stand that has taken up a huge amount of waiting space is a fine thing. Well, its really rather ugly, but at least you can buy gum. Hey, BankNorth - thanks for the giant ATM thingy that required the removal of the electronic track listing sign. No more rushing into the station to find your track - but for a small fee you can withdraw cash! (Easier to pay the rush hour surcharge I guess.)

I didn't mean to rant so much, but MBCR blames MBTA who blames the union who blames management who blames Dan Grabauskas who blames the legislature. All I know is that we are sure to be paying more and likely to be treated worse. It is time for Governor Deval Patrick to make a change at the MBTA and for the legislature to pay attention to moving people around eastern Massachusetts via public transportation.


B.K. DeLong said...

Hear friggin hear. God forbid we might want to, you know, sit or something. Now we need 3 ATMs, an overpriced newsstand and a bar too small and useless to hold enough patrons to allow for sitting elsewhere. Not to mention the perfectly predictable but kept-as-a-last-minute-secret delays that screw with our heads.

Ron Newman said...

I don't understand. The track listing sign wasn't removed; in fact, there are two huge new signboards that are much easier to read than anything the station has had before.

Moda di Magno said...

Ron: The signs that ran along the hallway when you entered from the Orange/Green line side have been removed from the location where the new (pointlessly large) ATM and where the mini pro-shop are currently located. I have some appreciation for the new location of the track listing sign (now that it has been removed from over the bar) but more signage is always better. They also seem to have finally synched up the time to "blackberry" time. I remain cautiously optimistic (and partly sarcastic.)