Saturday, November 10, 2007

Get Thee to Temple {Bar}

Tom and I enjoyed a last-minute supper with friends Liz and AJ at Temple Bar in Cambridge (located between Porter Square and Harvard Square) tonight. Reservations recommended as it was packed with a line at 6:30 (but I had a reservation, so no complaint from me!)

The roasted pumpkin bisque (with apple caponata) was a perfect bowl of soup; not filled with cream, not too sweet - just a tasty bowl of seasonal soup (the caponata was a surprisingly unpretentious addition.) For dinner I enjoyed the Grilled Pork Loin “Recado Rojo”with Green Chile Mashed Potato, Queso Fresco & Chimichurri Sauce. It sounded like too many flavors for one dish - but it totally worked. Pickled Jicama sitting on top of the whole conflagration was a nice add.

You know that sound Homer Simpson makes when he is in his glory (or this one)? Yup, it was that good. Tom had some gorgeous scallops, AJ had duck to start and duck as his main (I'm impressed a teenager orders duck, so go figure.) Liz had a gorgeous piece of haddock (that was actually hot when it was served!) A comfortable spot, lovely food, reasonably priced (and a wee bit of off-street parking.)

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