Tuesday, December 18, 2007

End of Year Stuff

I went out at lunch today and used my vision benefit - a reminder to all my friends, use up your flexible spending healthcare accounts and vision benefits by December 31st - you snooze you lose. Leave nothing on the table! I visited Dr. Rosanna LaMalva in her downtown Boston office. I look forward to seeing Dr. LaMalva and her office manager Deb. The care is excellent and it is always a treat to catch up with people you like. Dr. LaMalva introduced me to new technology called the optomap. The optomap creates a retinal scan which she showed me on the computer. In a word, wicked cool.

It's a scan of my eye. OMG, I mean it is a SCAN of my EYEBALL. Dr. LaMalva explained how this scan is useful and used in conjunction with other tests and tools. She showed me sample photos of eye conditions and how they appear on the scans (um, gross.) It was really cool to experience this technology and get a clear explanation of what I was seeing. (How often does that happen?)

After my exam was complete I picked out new glasses with the kind assistance of Deb. She has the best way of guiding eyewear choices. "Deb, what do you think of these?" Comes the answer "No." Additional information is not forthcoming, so I just put the pink glasses down. And the red ones and the gray ones. And then Deb showed me some really cool frames by a company called Klink. I can't find anything online for them - but I'll post pix when my glasses come in next week.

Go get your eyes checked people!

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