Thursday, December 06, 2007

Friends in the Age of Conversation

The Age of Conversation (103 authors, 24 states and 10 countries, one topic) project has enriched my life in so many ways. I have lots of new friends all over the country and the world, including "Our man in the Sultanate of Oman" Arun Rajagopal. Arun did some mondo profiling of the authors of the Age of Conversation and made us famous in the middle east with a huge profile in the Khaleej Times Weekend Magazine. Arun sent copies of the mag to me for distribution to the US authors - the copies are on their way peeps! I look forward to seeing you holding your copy on your blogs! Arun took mailing one step further and covered the package with awesomely gorgeous stamps. I'm sure the US Government spent time poking, prodding and testing the package (what explanation can there be for nearly 11 weeks of travel time?) But it was totally worth the wait. A huge, huge, HUGE thank you to Arun!

Speaking of the book - the Age of Conversation is coming to Amazon! Fearless leader Drew McLellan is still working as our ring leader in selling this important book that benefits Variety Children's Charity. The book is amazing and you should read it and I recommend it for holiday gifts (it's totally easy to wrap!) You can still purchase the softcover and "e-book" at Lulu Press, but if you want a hardcover (and you know you do) it will be available soon on Amazon.

I'm looking forward to Blogger Social '08 next April so that I can meet some of our AoC brethren face to face. Blogger Social will be, social. No pretense wasted on having seminars or sessions to justify evening cocktails - this is all social, all bloggers and all fun. You can register HERE and save yourself a few bucks - as details become available I'll post them here. Save the date for next April, Blogger Social is going to rule!

Hey! If you are looking for a little winter fun - join me in Winchester on Saturday from 1pm to 4pm at the Cocoa Express Cafe at the Wedgemere Train Station for a "Show, Sip & Sale." I'll have copies of The Age of Conversation along with jewels, photography, dog accessories and amazing food and beverage. Cocoa Express Cafe - 25 Mystic Valley Parkway (at Bacon Street) in Winchester. Come up to the Inbound side of the train station to find the cafe!

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Drew McLellan said...

We are going to have a blast at Blogger Social '08! I can't wait to meet you in person!

That Arun is one good guy, isn't he? Have no fear -- he'll be at Blogger Social too!!

Now if Arun can get to NYC from his neck of the woods, surely we Americans can get there in droves!