Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Happy Christmas Eve

Christmas with the Magnos. All of them. We kick off the Christmas holiday with a meal at our house, Christmas Day at sister Andrea's house. As with all families, it can be a crap shoot when it comes to selecting menu and anticipating the mood of the guests - but it all worked out, pleasant conversation, no food tragedies, and Badcat only stole food from Elena's plate (which I'm sure was not heavily guarded.)

I am always overcome by my inner Martha at holidays, thus the photo essay of my hors d'oeuvres for Christmas Eve dinner with the family:

Caramelized red onion-balsamic tart with creme fraiche in phyllo cup. It was delicious.

Goat cheese & caramelized onion on puff pastry. (I had extra caramelized onion...)

Tomato, Thyme & goat cheese tartlet on puff pastry. A littly snacky pizza.

Cheddar chive gougeres. The reigning favorite among family snackers.

Tommy & Badcat who supervised in the kitchen.

Had a lovely, low-key dinner last night with Heath and Becky and the kids (and Tommy & Peter!) Food and laughs (and presents!) A perfect way to kick off the holiday.

An awesome wine pourer

A light ball of my very own! Thanks Heath & Bex!

Watching the end of A Christmas Story, one of my holiday favorites.

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