Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

A peaceful morning with Tommy and the cats, presents and french toast and lounging - I even got a last minute viewing of Miracle on 34th Street in while Tommy napped. A nice chat with my mother and brothers, and a lot of chilling out. We spent the afternoon at Tom's sister Andrea's home continuing last night's talking and debating and laughing and grazing. Politics, wine, religion - no topic was off limits. (No topics were solved either.) It was a lovely, languorous day - no lack of anything, laughs, food, presents. Am lucky girl.

Andrea's shed in beautiful winter light.

AWESOME headphones from Tommy for iPhone!

The gingerbread "centerpiece" designed by Tom. So large it took up the entire side buffet table.

Preparing to jump.

The agony of defeat.

Sponsored by Audi (naturally!)

The ski rack.

Belknap ski jump (lost ski area of Guilford New Hampshire)

Ready to jump.

Badcat loves the gingerbread.


archeress said...

excellent pic of Badcat sampling the cake!

James-H said...

great sculpting. I am in awe. Love the gingerbread man peering over the ledge as his friend topples to infamy.