Monday, December 10, 2007

The Newest Moda di Magno Stuff

Busy, busy, busy. Crazed at work and things happening in a hundred different directions - so the new stuff is not on the Moda di Magno site, but I wanted to show a few of the new pieces. I'll have them up by next weekend - but if anyone is needing a piece, shout out to (I'm hoping you are wise enough to decode the "@" required for the email to work!) You may also need photography for holiday gifts - so definitely visit my lovely husband's site at

Red Agate with Jade pendants.

From the Princess Collection - Aqua Quartz with seed pearls.

Three-strand Garnet Lariat.

Triple pearl necklace (Seed Pearl, Cranberry Pearl, Peacock Pearl.)

Seed Pearl & Garnets with Sterling Daisies.

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Thinking In Vain said...

I'm in love with the Triple Pearl necklace.