Monday, December 03, 2007


I have been crazy busy, lots of pots on the boil. But I'm sorting out the thoughts and the photos and will write about all kinds of stuff soon.

One anecdote:

I was in my local Target store and as I made my way through the store (artfully reorganized so I would wander for hours. When did Target become Vegas?) Anyway, I kept running into a family - mother, father and a little boy - I'm guessing around the age of 4. Mom and Dad both had shopping carts overflowing with toys when the little boy picked up a little truck and asked mom if he could have it. She was very sweet in her approach when she leaned down and said "We aren't shopping for you today sweetie, no." Undaunted he marched back to Dad and asked if he could have the toy. Dad repeated "We aren't shopping for you today honey, no." Looking like he felt he could win this he marched up to Mom and again asked for the toy. When she again said no (in a remarkably patient way) the boy threw his arms out to the side and blurted "BUT IT'S ON SALE" in a loud (little boy) voice. I think everyone for six aisles cracked up laughing. I'm not sure if they bought it for him - but I"m guessing several people would have bought it just for the performance.

The holidays are starting off just fine.

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