Sunday, December 02, 2007

Welcome (New) Reverend Jared Stahler

Tom and I went to New York to attend the ordination of our friend Jared Stahler as a new Lutheran Reverend at Saint Peter's Lutheran Church (the one at the base of the Citibank Tower.) It was quite an afternoon of music and pageantry - the kind you don't see much any more. Jared was fortunate to have many talented friends from Oberlin and Yale play music throughout the program including Haskell Thomson, Distinguished Professor of Organ Emeritus of the Oberlin Conservatory of Music.

There were a lot of choral pieces that the excellent Saint Peter's Choir sang with the audience. My favorite piece had a verse that the choir sang a cappella in an arrangement that was very eastern European in style - the line was this:

"Far be it from me to glory except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ."
Our friend Watson who sings in the choir explained that the choir director had written and arranged the line, which was beautifully, beautifully sung - but cracked me up for 10 full minutes. "Far be it from me" indeed! That might be my favorite line sung in church ever.

Here are a few snaps of the event which was gorgeous and wondrous and lovely. It was a priviledge to be invited to the ceremony. While it may seem an unusual choice for a young person to choose a religious path, Jared is smart and funny and has had great teachers. It will be fun to see where he takes it.

The newly-minted Revered Jared Stahler (keeping a grip on things as the audience, the choir and othe religious leaders applaud him.)

The Rev. Stephen Bouman, Bishop, Metropolitan New York Synod. He did a lovely job presiding on this special occasion.

The chasuble worn by his childhood pastor (a gift from his widow) is placed on Jared.

Our friends Carolyn and Ed share a moment while wating to enter the sanctuary with candles before the service.

Jared in a reflective moment.

More reflection.

The Bishop shares a word.

L - R: Reverand Amandus Derr, Senior Pastor at Saint Peter's, Massimo Vignelli, the man who created the interior design of the church in 1977, Reverend Jared Stahler, Reverend Stephen Bouman, Bishop of the Metropolitan New York Synod, Deacon Paul Schlotthauer, Sub-Deacon Betty Jackson.

Reverend Derr, Jared and his family, Bishop Bouman.

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