Friday, January 04, 2008

Blogger Social - The Countdown Begins!

Where will you be on April 4, 2008? If you aren't in New York City - you are going to miss out on the coolest bloggy happening of the year. How cool? SXSW will pale in comparison. Burning Man - feh. Blogger Social - where bloggers are getting social WITHOUT the pretense of bogus conferencing, ideation or nonsense. Simple human bonding. New York City. Awesome. Sign up here by February 15, 2008 - or be the sad kid weeping in the corner.

Join this awesome crowd in NYC: Susan Bird Tim Brunelle Katie Chatfield Terry Dagrosa Matt Dickman Luc Debaisieux Gianandrea Facchini Mark Goren Gavin Heaton Sean Howard CK Valeria Maltoni Drew McLellan Doug Meacham Marilyn Pratt Steve Roesler Greg Verdino CB Whittemore Steve Woodruff Paul McEnany Ann Handley David Reich Tangerine Toad Kristin Gorski Mack Collier David Armano Ryan Barrett ME! Tim McHale Gene DeWitt Mario Vellandi Arun Rajagopal Darryl Ohrt Joseph Jaffe Rohit Bhargava Anna Farmery Marianne Richmond Thomas Clifford Lewis Green Geoff Livingston Kris Hoet Connie Reece CeCe Lee Jonathan Trenn Toby Bloomberg Seni Thomas


Gavin Heaton said...

I am really looking forward to meeting up with everyone! See you in ... a matter of days!

Toby said...

So looking forward to seeing you again! NYC look out for the "social" media peeps.