Wednesday, January 02, 2008

First Design Day 2008

While I was enjoying Christmas week vacation, my friend and co-worker Lindsay left me a very thoughtful gift and a dazzling card made from many gorgeous papers.

On the inside she encapsulated all of our best "t-shirt" quotes from last year as little ornaments. I love them all - but she forgot one of my favorites; "That lady called us hamsters." (Referring to a visiting guest speaker who probably meant well, but was having an extremely inarticulate day.) Thanks Lindsay!

The postman was also very kind to me over my holiday vacation and brought a package from StrawberryLuna! And oh how I love the contents (plus awesome bonus goodies) - the awesomely gorgeous Spoon poster!! I am in love with this poster! After it is framed I shall hang it in my studio for inspiration. Thanks Allison!

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