Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year

Happy New Year, originally uploaded by Moda di Magno.

2008 has arrived in Boston. This shot of the fireworks over Boston Harbor is from Mara & David's North End roofdeck. 5 minutes to midnight is when my New Year's Eve luck ran out and the deck filled with rowdy drunk young people blowing noisemakers.

Sample of my internal struggle:

"I hope they stop blowing those noisemakers before I harm someone."

"Oh come on, they're just having fun..."

"Yes, but I might throw that girl & her frigging noisemaker off the roof."

"That would be mean, and not a good way to begin the year."

"True, but not a bad way to end 2007."

I left without harming anyone.

Happy ( & safe) New Year everyone!

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