Thursday, January 03, 2008

Wow, Iowa

Mike "everyone gets a gun" Huckabee was declared the "winner" of the Iowa Rebulican caucus at 9:01pm on MSNBC. They have just declared Barack Obama the winner of the Iowa Democratic caucus.

It seems a might early to put up the percentages, but Huckabee blew out the rest of the Republicans: Huckabee 34%, Romney 25%, Thompson 14% {how the hell did that happen?}, McCain 13%, Paul 10%, Giuliani 4%. While none of the Republicans hold any appeal for me {actually, I get rashes,} I am particularly pleased that Romney is sucking it.

The Democratic numbers are really interesting: Obama 37%, Edwards, 30%, Clinton 30%, Richardson 2%, Biden 1%. Go Team America!

One race down, 49 to go.

One question people, is this this guy you really want?
While we're on the subject of elections - the Massachusetts Primary date is February 5, 2008. To vote in the primary, you must register by January 16th. Click HERE to learn more about how to register to vote in Massachusetts.


peter said...

I too love that Romney is SUCKING it. But the really big news is not Romney's Hoovering or Huckleberry's Win. It's that a young political outsider, an African American with a message of hope and reconciliation carried the day. I feel like I can love America again today, like I haven't been able to in soooo long, battered these seven long years by Bush fatigue, almost to the point of giving up hope. But Hope won last night. I really think it did. And the bitter partisans, intolerant idealogues, smearmonkeys and all of their dark ilk lost. Big time. God bless you Iowans, every one.

Stoutcat said...

Question: why is Huckabee a "winner" while Obama is simply a winner (without the scare quotes)?

Not that I'd vote for either one of 'em, I'm just curious. Plus, I already owna gun.

Moda di Magno said...

Stoutcat: The Repulican side gets "winner" because everything they do rings a false note with me. Huckabee seems like a nice fellow, but his positions on many things frighten me and his lack of intellectual curiosity would continue a fearsome trend in the white house. A very white house indeed.