Thursday, January 17, 2008

Yellow Book Dot Sucks (and othe aggravations)

Yellow Book. You suck. Specifically the idiots who deliver your books suck. This kind of asshattery must stop. Leave me alone Yellow Book. I can't remember the last time I touched any phone book other than my little town directory. I am one of the Google people - if I can't find on "the Google" it probably isn't worth finding anyway.

Here is a book lobbed into my driveway. (My front porch not being visible?)

Here is a book lobbed into the snow on my front walkway. (Steps away from my front porch...)

Here are both books sitting with the trash on my back porch. (The books will be properly recycled.)
Speaking of idiots, Macy's Boston decided to close the entire store for a full day to do inventory - taping these pitiful signs to the doors. Now I don't usually shop at Macy's - but I thought I would take a peek on Tuesday for something to wear to a party on Friday. Instead I translated the signs for at least three dozen tourists in two minutes. STUPID STUPID STUPID - it's the only major department store in downtown Boston and they CLOSED for the day. STUPID!

Sorry for any inconvenience my ass.


Anonymous said...

I HATE Macy's also. I miss Filenes. It was a much better store.

Stephanie said...

While I don't have a beef with Macy's, I agree on the YellowBook front. I've received SIX books from them over the past WEEK. Two gargantuan white pages, two yellow pages, and two business directories. Like you, I can't remember the last time I ever used a book to find a number. And all those poor trees! *sigh*

ChezNiki said...

I miss Filene's, Syms, Loemann's, Barnes and Noble, even Liberty Travel is gone. What happened to Downtown Crossing?

I live in an apartment building, so they deliver about 2000 phone books to the lobby, where the poor management office has to figure out where to put them... lobby, other lobby, laundry room, etc. You should be able to opt out of the paper phonebook. I mean, that's what the internet's for ?!??!

Moda di Magno said...

@Stephanie - yes, the poor trees. Yellow Book (and the other publishers) have to come up with an opt out. I have friends who are all "cell phone" and even they are bombarded by phone books.

@Niki - OMG, I miss Sherman's Luggage, but I really miss Woolworth's - those two really filled the bill in a lot of ways in downtown. I remember when my condo (110 units) would get the delivery of phone books and the maintenance guys would freak. Everyone would get 48 hours to pick up a book and then they were dumped.

Anonymous said...

I work for yellow book and let me tell you that we work hard to deliver those books the right way. Our distribution center needs to know of the delivery contractors who abuse our trust to deliver our books efficiently. Their number is 1-800-891-1899. Speaking of the internet, our online product was recently named the fastest growing internet yellow pages site in the nation with 10.7 unique vistors a month. Since you are a google kind of user you should be happy to know that Yellow Book has partnered with google to sell search engine advertising. On behalf of our company I apologize and feel bad that you are unhappy. I only ask that you contact our distribution center to correct this problem. They would love to know about it....oh and thanks for recycling.

Anonymous said...

Don't buy what yellowbook says. In their core values one is "this is the last place you'll ever work" yea right ask the hundreds of sales people they laid off right before the holidays. Opt out? they will never figure that out-I got a gift card AFTER i was laid of thanking me for a great year. What a joke. Bottom line-they cant borrow money because no one believes that yellow pages is the future.

Anonymous said...

To the Yellowbook employee..don't lie to these people- you know that gives numbers of "impressions" which is not necessarily look ups you are being brainwashed. So who actually are the unique visitors? It is a bunch of lies- the proven value data is not accurate and you are misleading the customer. Get real about distribution you and I both know they hire random people in the area which to be delivered. It is one lie after another at Yellowbook- I worked there for years and stayed in a miserable job for way too long. Yellowbook lies just enough to keep the employee and the employee lies just enough to keep their job. How does that benefit employee or company- IT DOESN'T!! Everyone will tell the customer what they want so you can make a sale. Why don't you tell them how the size of the books is going to be the small mobile size. Oh and they are doing that to save the trees- give me a break. Management is pathetic nobody knows what they are doing. Every Monday morning meeting is different story.